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Michael B. Rynowecer
President & Founder

“People who make things happen make superior relationships first. Relationships are the power source, if not the very soul, of doing good business - the kind of business where clients smile, throw business at you and believe your value simply dwarfs your fee.”

As President and Founder of The BTI Consulting Group and for more than 35 years, Michael has driven strategic growth and helped organizations dramatically enhance their performance by looking at every angle of the professional services relationship, starting with the client perspective. He has directed, conducted and analyzed over 17,000 one-on-one interviews with C-level executives to define their expectations, needs, priorities, preferences, hiring decisions and opinions of the professionals with whom they work. This level of research has established BTI as the industry leader in independent research on how clients acquire, manage, and evaluate their professional services providers.

Michael has drawn on this research to develop high-impact client feedback programs, brand preference and perception rankings, innovative business development counsel and a wide-range of strategic consulting to organizations who want to improve performance and drive growth. Throughout his career, Michael has been a trusted advisor to top market leaders and legal decision makers. His clients include 6 of the Fortune 10 as well as more than 200 professional services firms across the globe. 

Michael is also a fixture in the business press, commenting on markets, trends and strategies. He has written extensively about BTI’s world-class client feedback methodology and about the ‘17 Activities’ that BTI’s research has revealed as statistically proven to drive superior client relationships. His most recent book Clientelligence® is a definitive guide of powerful insights for client acquisition, retention, new business and revenue generation. Rated by Kirkus Reviews as a “treasure trove of useful intelligence for business improvement,” the book details research-backed and unique activities for firms to embark upon to drive superior client relationships.

Michael has authored more than 40 publications on all aspects of client relationships, client service, client feedback, business development and strategy. You can find his latest thinking at his widely read weekly blog: The Mad Clientist.

 Direct: +1 617 439 0333


Client Feedback & Client Service Excellence Programs


Joyce Miccile
Manager, Client Feedback Programs

Joyce brings 25 years of experience in managing client relationships and client feedback programs for professional services firms. Previously, she was a Senior Director for a leading global supply chain company where she managed large-scale client initiatives. She and her team have conducted over 4,000 client interviews ranging from General Counsel of the 10 largest companies in the world, to global investment banks, start-ups and Fortune 100 companies.


Margo Wald
Senior Interviewer

Margo has over 20 years of experience in conducting insightful interviews with global thought leaders including General Counsel, corporate counsel and top c-suite executives. She has conducted more than 1, 500 client interviews.