Firm Management

Through more than 17,000 independent, in-depth interviews with C-level executives, BTI dissects every aspect of client relationships, markets and client thinking. This ranges from client service, hiring decisions, and brand perceptions to use of technology and business development.  


Michael B. Rynowecer, President and Founder

Michael Rynowecer, as President and Founder of The BTI Consulting Group, looks at every angle of the professional services relationship, starting with the client perspective, to drive growth. This fascination has driven him to direct, conduct and analyze more than 17,000 one-on-one interviews with C-level executives to define their expectations, needs, priorities, preferences, hiring decisions and opinions of the professionals with whom they work. From this research BTI identified the 17 activities statistically proven to drive superior client relationships. BTI conducts more independent research on how clients acquire, manage, and evaluate their professional services providers than virtually anyone.

Michael draws on this research and his 35 years of experience to provide high-impact client feedback, brand preference and perception, business development counsel and strategic consulting to organizations who want to improve performance and drive growth. Read more...

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Jennifer Petrone Dezso, Principal

Jennifer Petrone Dezso is a Principal with The BTI Consulting Group.

Jennifer leads a team of analysts in transforming competitive and market data into actionable recommendations. Drawing on primary research and secondary data sources, Jennifer develops proven best practices and reliable performance metrics to drive business growth and motivate high-powered professionals to embrace change and enhance performance.

Jennifer has directed the support and analysis of BTI’s proprietary research as well as more than 100 market 
assessments and client feedback initiatives for law firms.

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Senior Interviewers

BTI conducts the most insightful custom client surveys to drive consistent client service delivery for leading professional services firms.  


Joyce Miccile, Senior Interviewer

Joyce Miccile, Senior Interviewer, brings 23 years of experience and client interviewing. 

Ms. Miccile has conducted more than 1,000 client interviews ranging from the General Counsel of the 10 largest companies in the world, to global investment banks, to start ups and Fortune 1000 companies. 






Margo Wald, Senior Interviewer

Margo Wald, Senior Interviewer, brings 20 years of experience and client interviewing. 

Ms. Wald has interviewed many thought leaders in the General Counsel community in the United States and 
abroad. Ms. Wald routinely interviews corporate counsel and other executives who hire law firms. Ms. Wald has conducted more than 1,000 client interviews.