GCs Name 15 Peak Performing Law Firms

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Client-facing activities are not equal in their impact nor influence. But they all play a critical role in law firm performance. Some are vastly more important than others—and to a large extent—even their importance changes over time. But all these client-facing activities turn into client service. And, client service stands squarely at the very top of the heap.

Client service drives new business, client retention, and higher rates. It also drives inbound referrals and almost every aspect of the client experience. Your brand comes next, determining your firm’s hirability, the rates clients are willing to pay, and the imprint your firm leaves with clients and potential clients.

Finally, success demands law firms translate this performance into the strongest and biggest client relationships. And we mean seriously strong—where you are both a core firm and your clients recommend you to their peers in an unprompted manner.

We measure all these factors—and more—based solely on independent client feedback with legal decision makers at the world’s leading organizations. No law firm can submit names, self-nominate, or provide a referral. We publish these results in our in-depth reports each year. Our most recent reports include:

BTI Client Service A-Team 2019: Survey of Law Firm Client Service Performance

For the past 19 years, BTI has published the definitive ranking of client service excellence for the corporate law firm market. We rank client service performance based on unprompted input from legal decision makers—based on the 17 activities driving elite client service. The BTI Client Service A-Team is the gold standard (used by law firms and corporate counsel alike) to assess how law firms honestly stack up in client service delivery.

BTI Client Service All-Stars for Law Firms 2019

The BTI Client Service All-Stars is BTI’s definitive annual guide to the attorneys delivering the absolute best client service. BTI went straight to the source—the client, the decision makers for legal services—to find out exactly which attorneys are truly influencing and changing the legal industry. The 335 attorneys in this report are the individuals clients tell us are absolutely best. No attorney can self-submit, pay, or nominate their way in—only clients say who is best, with no prompting or suggestions.

BTI Brand Elite 2019: Client Perceptions of the Best-Branded Law Firms

Experience is the most influential factor in law firm branding. This can be direct, indirect, or even tangential. But the experience matters most. Top legal decision makers tell us 9 specific experiences leave the biggest imprint and have the most impact. BTI Brand Elite ranks the 408 law firms with the best brand standing among GCs and legal decision makers.

BTI Industry Power Rankings 2019: The Law Firms with the Best Client Relationships in 18 Industries

More than 650 top legal decision makers at the world’s leading organizations rank more than 300 law firms in 18 industries based on the strength of their client relationships. These are the law firms clients name as their core, go-to firms, the firms they recommend most to their peers, and those prized firms who lay claim to both.

BTI Legal Innovation and Technology Outlook 2019: Clients Rank Their Needs and Law Firm Performance

Top legal decision makers delineate exactly how clients perceive 338 law firms, and which 52 are the absolute best in the eyes of clients—The BTI Innovation Champions. Equally as important, the BTI Legal Innovation and Technology Outlook 2019 reveals 27 specific client needs and priorities relevant to innovation and ranks the law firms raising the bar across legal practice, client service, and technology.

The BTI Peak Performers

We went searching to find the top-performing law firms in each of the client-facing activities across all of BTI’s published research. Only 15 law firms meet this brutal test by earning a place in the elite group in each of the above reports. Jones Day lands in the number 1 spot.

These firms are the BTI Peak Performers 2019 (listed in alphabetical order):

Peak Performers_2019_chart.png

This culminates BTI’s 19th report year. The next report you see will be BTI Litigation Outlook 2020: Trends, Changes, and Opportunities for Law Firms. This is the first look at 2020 and the projections for next year are not what you’d expect. Look for this market-leading report in early September.

Our congratulations to the BTI Peak Performing Law Firms of 2019 as we begin to look to the market ahead.