The 11-Minute Resolution

In the New Year, resolve to use 11 minutes a day to seriously understand your top clients. The operative word being seriously.

Demonstrating the deepest understanding of your clients’ business is a proven method to win new work and increase client retention. Yet too often we get caught up in everyday tasks and projects. We have so many legitimate reasons to defer the investments needed to truly understand how clients think, make decisions, and where they are headed.

A consistent and systematic 11 minutes a day will transform you into a walking encyclopedia about your client; giving you the ability to approach your client and start a conversation targeted at solving their most pressing (and often undisclosed) issues.

Finding data enabling you to divine insights—and opportunities—others miss takes going beyond visiting company websites, conducting Google searches and setting up client news alerts.

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Leveraging Big 4 Consulting Best Practices to Bolster Your Business Development Strategies

Closing out the 2013 LMA Annual Conference to a packed room yesterday, panelists from Deloitte Services LLP, Ernst & Young and Thomson Reuters Elite discussed what legal marketers and business developers can learn from their colleagues in consulting, and what they see for the future of professional services marketing and business development. BTI Principal Marcie L. Borgal Shunk moderated the discussion which ranged from client service and client feedback to branding, company culture and big data.

Click here to download a copy of the presentation.

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Clients Audit the Big 4 – 60% of Clients Happy

All too often, people—executives, job hunters, the media and, yes, auditors themselves— collectively refer to the Big 4 as a single entity. Together, they dominate the big firm CPA world, their individual brands subsumed by their reputation as a whole. Yet, like the superhero team The Fantastic Four, each individual member of the Big 4 has a real set of strengths and weaknesses—their superpowers and their vulnerabilities. The client satisfaction rate with each Big 4 firm individually ranges from 54% to 67%.
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