BTI Executive Insights 2018


BTI Executive Insights combines each of BTI’s powerful resources (High-Impact Reports, Insightful Competitive Analysis, and an In-Depth Live Client Briefing via Web Meeting) to give you:

  • Forecasts of the best opportunities for business in 2018 and beyond
    • By practice
    • By industry
  • The strategies, tactics, and tools to win the work

BTI’s Executive Insights not only provide you with feedback directly from top legal decision makers on your firm’s client service, litigation strengths, and brand awareness, but also a rich, robust, and specific breakdown of your top competitors’ strengths and weaknesses.

The essential resources in BTI’s Executive Insights include:

High-Impact Reports

  • BTI Litigation Outlook 2018: Changes, Trends and Opportunities for Law Firms – September 2017 Release
  • BTI Practice Outlook 2018: Changes, Trends and Opportunities for Law Firms – October 2017 Release
  • The BTI Client Service A-Team 2018: Survey of Law Firm Client Service Performance – November 2017 Release
  • The BTI Client Service All-Stars 2018 – February 2018 Release
  • BTI Brand Elite 2018: Client Perceptions of the Best-Branded Law Firms – Early 2018 Release

Insightful Competitive Analysis

  • Competitive analysis of up to 8 firms of your choosing pinpointing your strengths and weaknesses in 37 areas clients rely on to evaluate law firms

In-Depth Live Client Briefing via Web Meeting

  • An in-depth client briefing for you and your team tailored specifically for your firm—where you can ask unlimited questions on your firm and your competitors—no holds barred

Understanding your strengths and weaknesses—based on what clients really think of your firm—is your first step on the path to more growth.

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BTI Most Recommended Law Firms 2017

Each year the acts of client service change—gaining in value and sophistication and becoming a little harder to replicate. And every year, a group of law firms figures out how to up their game, leap frog client expectations and leave the other law firms behind. The BTI Most Recommended Law Firms 2017 are the 97 firms—out of the 650 core law firms serving large and Fortune 1000 clients—top legal decision makers are willing to bet their reputation on and recommend to their peers. (Length: 20 pages)

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BTI's Law Firms with the Best Collaboration 2017

Clients say collaborative law firms show deep understanding of client needs across the team, are up to speed on all the issues whenever an attorney joins the team, and are all focused on the same overriding objective. More than anything, the attorneys at the most collaborative firms work at it, including these 54 law firms top legal decision makers name as the best at collaborating. (Length: 23 pages)

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BTI's Law Firms with the Best Associates 2017

BTI asked more than 300 corporate counsel which law firms had the best associates. The vast majority indicated they didn’t know—all of their firms had really good associates. But, clients say 46 firms have the best associates. These 46 firms stand out because clients have seen and met the associates. Includes the 4 skills which are an essential part of the associate success kit. (Length: 18 pages)

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BTI Industry Power Rankings 2017: The Law Firms with the Best Client Relationships in 18 Industries

Having strong primary relationships wins more work from existing clients. Being recommended by clients secures more new clients. Achieving both of these milestones with a single client is ideal—and financially beneficial for law firms. BTI’s client relationship metric—Clientopia—makes assessing your relationships a quantifiable, straightforward task. More than 950 top legal decision makers at the world’s leading organizations rank more than 500 law firms in 18 industries based on the strength of their client relationships. These are the law firms clients name as their Core, go-to firms, the firms they Recommend most to their peers, and those prized firms who lay claim to both: Clientopia. (Length: 141 pages)

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BTI Guide to Maximum Marketing & Business Development: The 10 Strategies Driving Pacesetting Performance at Law Firms

A minority of high-performing law firms enjoy more than 8 times the growth with their top clients than other law firms AND 4 times the growth in profits per attorney. These pacesetting performers have discovered the ideal mix of marketing and business development activities. Based on BTI’s most recent research with 160 Chief Marketing Officers and business development leaders at leading law firms—you can learn exactly what the pacesetting law firms are doing differently than everyone else—and see how you stack up. The BTI Guide to Maximum Marketing & Business Development gives you the in-depth details on pursuing the 10 marketing and business development initiatives which have more impact than all the others.

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BTI Law Firms Best at Cybersecurity 2017

BTI's exclusive in-depth interviews with more than 320 corporate counsel at the world’s largest companies reveals the law firms they see as leading the charge on change. Cybersecurity is the fastest growing segment of outside counsel spending. It is also the biggest issue keeping clients awake at night. And now, after watching the market develop over the last 5 years clients see a group of law firms emerging as the best.

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BTI Client Service All-Stars for Law Firms 2017


The BTI Client Service All-Stars is BTI’s definitive annual guide to the attorneys commanding the attention of General Counsel and legal decision makers at large organizations. This is not your over-reported list of rainmakers, dealmakers, or power brokers. Instead, BTI went straight to the source—the client, the decision makers for legal services—to find out exactly which attorneys are truly influencing and changing the legal industry. The 319 attorneys in this report are the individuals clients think of—and turn to—first.

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BTI Marketing Mojo 2017: The Law Firms Marketing Leaders Don't Want to Pitch Against

BTI's exclusive in-depth interviews with 159 law firm marketing leaders reveal the law firms they most want to avoid pitching against. Learn what clients and law firm marketing leaders alike describe as the key attributes of Marketing Mojo. Includes the 6 law firms with the most Marketing Mojo and the 27 firms law firm marketing leaders view as bringing their strong marketing prowess to bear.

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BTI Legal Marketing Reference 2016: Benchmarking Law Firm Marketing and Business Development Strategies

Discover where law firms are investing in their marketing and business development budgets—and where they are holding back. Based on more than 150 interviews with leading legal marketing executives at a wide range of law firms, this exclusive analysis helps you pinpoint strategies to succeed in an uncertain market ahead. Includes breakdowns of law firm marketing budgets by law firm size, as well as overall market trends. (Length: 43 pages)


BTI Legal Spending Benchmarks 2016

Be the first to help your clients figure out their value equation. What has happened to client spending as their companies have grown? We recommend you use BTI’s exclusive legal spending benchmarks to measure the value created—if the percent of the legal budget goes down while revenue goes up your clients are creating value. You can also use the metrics to help clients calibrate their spending by size and industry. BTI Legal Spending Benchmarks 2016 provides spending metrics and benchmarks for 15 different industries. (Length: 32 pages)


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