Legal Directories & Media: 2018 Review

Pearson Communications - Legal Directories Specialist Lloyd Pearson

According to BTI Consulting chief Michael Rynowecer, the company took a hard look at legal innovation and technology from the client perspective this year. The initiative led to the company’s inaugural report asking clients to rank law firms on their use of technology and innovation prowess.

The first report of its kind, the BTI Legal Innovation and Technology Review identified 27 specific needs clients are actively looking for from their law firms.

On more familiar ground, BTI’s Client Service A-Team survey is now in its 18th edition. According to Rynowecer, the survey shone a light on client service expectations:

Clients expect their law firms to deal with complexity in an expedient and confident manner – something clients say only 25% of law firms deliver.
— BTI Consulting President Michael Rynowecer