GCs Think Most Law Firms Are Stuck In The Past, Survey Says

Law360 (Link to Full Article, Sub. Req.) While 43.5 percent of corporate counsel say their firms are changing for the better, the majority believe their firms are stuck and incapable of changing, according to a survey released Wednesday.

The BTI Consulting Group surveyed 300 in-house counsel in in-depth interviews last year, with 56.5 percent reporting their firms are in a rut. Some firms try but fall short, some fail to communicate their changes to clients, and some simply don't see the need.

“Most law firms certainly want to change,” said BTI President and founder Michael Rynowecer. “They want to have a place in the market and meet client needs. But there’s a small group that believes … the legal work is what drives the client decision, and the evidence shows that’s just not the case.”