Where Will BigLaw Go Next? 5 Hottest US Legal Markets

Law360 (Link to Full Article, Sub. Req.) BigLaw is synonymous with New York, Los Angeles, Washington and Chicago, but firms that want to increase their market dominance should forget those overlawyered cities and begin to set their sights elsewhere, experts say...

Silicon Valley reigns as the nation's startup capital, but Boston, which boasts institutions like Harvard University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Massachusetts General Hospital, is quickly and quietly catching up, fueled by its fertile mix of talent and resources.

“A lot of large companies in the tech sector are investing in the area and companies are moving there, in addition to the many startups that have been founded in Massachusetts,” Rynowecer said. 

And these ventures need attorneys to help with their transactional work, joint ventures, licensing, regulatory requirements and intellectual property matters, just to name a few, Rynowecer said.