Squire Patton Global Push Leads To Ohio Atty Departures

Law360 (Link to Full Article, Sub. Req.) The rapid global expansion of the firm formerly known as Squire Sanders LLP has come at the expense of the firm's Ohio roots and led to several high-profile lateral departures in the state since the firm's merger with Patton Boggs LLP in June, according to former Squire Sanders attorneys...

The trade-off is not unusual for a law firm like Squire Patton Boggs that wants to move past its traditional turf and challenge the world's largest firms for business in major global markets, said Michael Rynowecer, president of The BTI Consulting Group Inc.

"As law firms become more global, it's inevitable that certain partners will want to maintain a more regional or national focus," Rynowecer said. "It's not unusual in any large merger, especially one that adds global capability, to find partners that would be more comfortable in a smaller setting, even if that smaller setting is a reasonably large firm that doesn't have the same global emphasis."