5 Innovative Associate Training Programs

Law360 (Link to Full Article, Sub. Req.) Faced with a new generation of associates raised in the Internet age — and with financially squeezed clients questioning every item on their legal bills — law firms are adapting their training programs by increasing interactivity, bolstering mentorship opportunities and getting young attorneys up to speed faster with MBA-style business training.

There was a time when being an associate meant a young attorney should dive in, keep his or her head down, and clock big billable hours, Michael Rynowecer, president of BTI Consulting Group Inc., told Law360. But now, he said, “some forward-thinking law firms are introducing the idea that there’s a client at the end of that work.”

“We’re spending a lot of time ... helping associates understand their clients’ businesses so they can take that burden off the shoulders of the partners,” Rynowecer said.