Flat Demand For Attys Stumps BigLaw, But Inspires Others

Law360 (Link to Full Article) While flat demand for outside lawyers has behemoth law firms struggling to change their business models, upstart boutiques and non-law-firm service providers are tailoring legal advice and leveraging technology to reinvent how services are delivered to clients, chipping away at work traditionally done by BigLaw in the process, experts say...

While Rynowecer doubted the various upstarts and nonlawyer firms presented a large-scale threat to law firms, he did think they could be a thorn in the side of certain law firms involving certain clients.

“The threat is that you have this professional who is developing a relationship with your client and potentially setting a standard for client service or service delivery, which the client will compare with the other service providers it works with,” he said. “It’s someone else you have to worry about.”