Legal Work Up For Grabs After High Court 'Amazon Tax' Snub

Law360 (Link to Full Article) When the Supreme Court decided this week to not hear arguments over New York’s “Amazon Tax” on Internet sales, it created more work for law firms and CPA practices to compete for — but such increased demand might only be temporary.

...As states write more of their own laws, online retailers will need more help reacting to them, said Michael Rynowecer, president of the BTI Consulting Group.

“Certainly if the Supreme Court had eventually ruled on a universal system, that would cut out a large segment of work for attorneys and CPA firms,” he said. “But now this probably will do something to ignite or provide enthusiasm to some states to try to collect sales tax, and that may create more localized opportunities.”

Clients will want advice like public affairs consulting, legislative analysis, regulatory analysis and compliance, Rynowecer said.