BTI Power Rankings 2019

Research highlights from the BTI Power Rankings 2019
How to use this report to build stronger—and bigger—client relationships


Competitive Analysis of Client Relationship Strength: Measuring & Comparing
the Client Relationship Strength of 338 Law Firms

  • BTI Power Elite: Latham & Watkins lands on top

  • BTI Power Players: 34 firms poised to overtake the leaders

  • Contenders: 45 firms with market strength today; future is unclear

  • Celebrities: 9 firms clients can’t recommend enough

  • Special Forces: 27 firms clients always have at the ready

  • The SWAT Team: 9 firms clients routinely rely on to get the job done

  • Underdogs: 188 firms ready to make their mark

3 Key Metrics Driving the Strongest Client Relationships: Individual Performance Rankings

  • 296 law firms making their way onto client core roster of legal providers

  • 292 law firms earning clients’ unprompted recommendations

  • 116 law firms building the strongest client relationships


BTI’s Targeted Recommendations for Building the Strongest Client Relationships

More than 20 concrete recommendations to build stronger client relationships—no matter where they are today


BTI Power Rankings 2019: Client Relationship Scorecard—By Industry

Complimentary industry-specific supplement received with each order. BTI’s deep dive of how the client relationship strength of 338 law firms stack up in 18 different industries.


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