Industry Focus: Generating Higher Revenue Growth By Solving Business Issues, Not Only Legal Ones

Marketing & Business Development: 
Making Industry-Focused Marketing Decisions and Achieving Your BD Goals

Law firms with successful industry-focused groups have capitalized on client needs and enjoy premium rates and preferred access to the most complex client work. With the data to support your industry-focused marketing decisions AND the tools for achieving your business development goals, use BTI Industry Power Rankings to:

  • Learn where your firm is positioned today
  • See where you can grow your firm by industry—and how to improve your firm’s industry presence

Managing Partners:
Cultivate the Most Financially Rewarding Client Relationships

Taking an industry-centric approach allows a law firm to build out and present a portfolio of service offerings in a way clients can understand: by helping them manage ongoing business challenges. Use BTI Industry Power Rankings to:

  • Assess your firm’s industry strategy
  • Target the clients your firm wants with your industry initiatives

Industry-Focused Firm Leaders: 
Learn How Your Industry Group Stacks Up with Clients

Legal decision makers go out of their way to find law firms and attorneys able to offer targeted counsel in the context of their industry and business. Use BTI Industry Power Rankings to:

  • Pinpoint the best opportunities for higher billing rates
  • Build the most effective industry teams to capture the work you want