BTI Industry Power Rankings 2017 Table of Contents

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Industry Focus—Creating Centers of Excellence by Solving Business Issues, Not Only Legal Ones
The more you understand your clients, the more relevant your work will be for them.

How to Use This Report: 5 Ways to Use This Report to Drive Business Results
Learn what clients are looking for, which law firms to look out for, and how to turn your current market position into larger client relationships, faster revenue growth, and higher profits per attorney.

5 Tactics of Industry Powerhouses: How to Improve Your Firm’s Industry Presence

  • Start Small, Start Now, Scale Later
  • Target the Best—Not All—Opportunities
  • Build Unmatched Business Understanding
  • Win Work by Educating, Not Selling, Clients
  • Why Industry Groups Fail and How to Manage and Avoid Common Pitfalls

Core Law Firms: Industry Power Rankings
These core law firms are in the most coveted position with clients and have the best access to the client’s most attractive work. 

Recommended Law Firms: Industry Power Rankings
These firms earn the all-important unprompted recommendation from today’s most persuasive clients. 

Law Firms with The Most Clientopia® Relationships: Overall
Clientopia is the ideal state of a client relationship. These are the firms clients consider both their leading primary provider and the first firm they recommend to peers, including the best of the best: The BTI Clientopia 24.

Law Firms with The Most Clientopia Relationships: Industry Power Rankings
These firms boast the largest number of superior client relationships in each of 18 different industries.

Core, Recommended, and Clientopia Relationships in these 18 Industries:

Consumer Goods
Financial Services
Health Care
High Tech
Professional Services
Retail Trade
Real Estate
Wholesale Trade