Clients are now selecting law firms based on the firm's industry knowledge. Are they choosing your firm?

Clients don’t think in terms of practices like law firms do—clients are always thinking about their business.

The BTI Industry Power Rankings 2017 provides unparalleled insight into which law firms are best positioned with the largest, most prestigious clients across 18 industry segments. These are the law firms clients name as their Core, go-to firms, the firms they Recommend most to their peers, and those prized firms who achieve both: Clientopia.

Learn what clients are looking for, which law firms to look out for, and how to turn your current market position into larger client relationships, faster revenue growth, and higher profits per attorney.

Includes Client Relationship Rankings across 18 Industries:

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Featuring The BTI Clientopia 24:

Clientopia tells us whether or not clients feel as if they are in an ideal relationship with their outside counsel. The BTI Clientopia 24 are the law firms standing out from the crowd by having more of their relationships in a state of Clientopia than all other firms.

Click here for the full list of law firms on the 2017 BTI Clientopia 24.

5 Ways to Use this Report to Drive Business Results:

  1. Target your firm’s unique combination of industry strengths and weaknesses to deliver substantially more revenue.
  2. See if your law firm is well positioned to grow client relationships in the industries marked for growth.
  3. Pinpoint the industries where your firm stands out from competitors—and vice versa—to compete more effectively in the market.
  4. Learn how to create industry teams to deliver superior business-focused service—and build bigger client relationships.
  5. Build stronger, more effective industry groups by learning what the best performers are doing—and how to fix the problems many firms encounter.