74% of C-level Executives Are Open to Changing Current Service Providers—But Are They Open to You?

Establish a DIFFERENTIATED position—with less risk, lower costs, and a greater chance of success.

Learn how to articulate your firm’s offerings to potential clients before entering the market:

      • Proven tactics to attract the best clients like a magnet
      • Key points of value
      • Specific triggers driving the decision to hire
      • Unmet client needs to use as entry points
      • Services and activities to garner premium rates

Learn how to persuade each skeptical, potential client to hire you: 

      • Obstacles to entry—and how to overcome each one
      • Pricing parameters
      • Strategies in use by the winners

Better understand:

How to have the best clients seek you out... How to best define your value proposition... 

BTI works directly with you to design a new market entry research program to yield the exact insights you are seeking.