What Type of Law Firm Are You?
Know Your Position, The Challenges Your Firm Faces, and How to Improve to Drive Growth

It’s time to assess how your firm is approaching the 10 activities driving pacesetting performance. 

Knowing where your firm is positioned today will help you pinpoint which marketing and business development activities to focus on to jumpstart revenue growth and build bigger client relationships.

Your challenges are also your guide to success—start here to conquer the steps standing between you and firmwide growth:

The Challenge for Pacesetters: Losing the ultimate mix of marketing and business development practices will have an immediate and lasting impact on financial performance.

The Challenge for Believers: These firms face issues of consistency at a firmwide level. 

The Challenge for Striders: These firms are challenged to embrace more client-focused strategies to better steer their strategic priorities.

The Challenge for Task Masters: To improve performance, these firms need to more closely align with client expectations & needs.

The Challenge for Dabblers: These firms have an opportunity to see significant increases in their profit growth & relationship sizes by formalizing & adopting more of the core MBD activities.

The Challenge for Nomads: The risk of not moving forward dwarfs the risk of moving up the curve. 

The Challenge for Cave People: This group has neither a formal strategy nor an established set of tactics they rely on to help their firms drive growth.

The 10 Strategies Driving Pacesetting Performance at Law Firms

Understanding where your firm stands is your first step. Next: know how you stack up against your competitors and how to implement the 10 most effective marketing and business development practices at your firm. 

The BTI Guide to Maximum Marketing and Business Development report gives you the in-depth details on adopting the 10 marketing and business development initiatives of firms achieving the highest growth with their top clients, including:

  • The Essential Components of a Best-in-Class Marketing and Business Development Strategy
  • Your Checklist for Pursuing the Right Clients
  • 3 Steps for Preparing Your Firm for a Client Feedback Program
  • Key Actions for Building an Effective Client Team
  • 3 Essential Client Retention Metrics
  • A How-To on Building Your Client Service Standards
  • 6 Questions to Improve Strategic Performance

Want some help? BTI is happy to offer a complimentary consulting session with your purchase of the report to help you take the next step.

Turn Best Practices into Growth Opportunities for Your Firm:
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