Supporting Your Marketing & Business Development Case
—Using Data to Drive Success

A select few—only 10.8% of all law firms—have figured out a marketing and business development strategy to drive faster growth and build bigger relationships than other firms.

Reaching these heights is possible at any firm. BTI’s guide ensures firms can attain a leadership position by providing an in-depth analysis of what the market leaders are doing to build business. Use this data and analysis to:

  • Develop and formalize your marketing and business development strategy
  • Ensure your new strategy is well-informed and targets clients’ needs
  • Incorporate marketing and biz dev into the firm-wide strategy to drive the firm’s growth
  • Build out the infrastructure and depth needed to get the benefits of a market-leading approach

Make the best decisions for your firm with data and insight straight from the market leaders.

How You Can Use the BTI Guide to Attain Market Leadership
1 of the 10 Strategies Driving Pacesetting Performance – Sample Page

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Use BTI's 10 Strategies Driving Pacesetting Performance to:

  • Pursue the Right Clients
  • Calculate Optimal Managing Partner Time Spent on Client Development
  • Prepare and Engage Your Partners in a Client Feedback Program
  • Improve Strategic Performance
  • Build Effective Client Teams
  • Build and Implement Your Client Service Standards

Turn Your Marketing Challenges into Business Development Opportunities:
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