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Litigation Market Continues to Grow

The US litigation market is poised for its 3rd consecutive year of growth. This includes both spending and number of matters. In short, clients expect to spend more and see more litigation. Bet-the-company matters and high-risk matters are driving the growth. More companies expect to have more high-risk matters—creating more new spending and clients needing outside counsel. 


BTI’s Litigation Forecast 2020

Use this strategic forecasting tool to identify growing (and shrinking) market segments for Priority Practices, Opportunistic Practices, Tactical Practices, and Cornerstone Practices. Pinpoint premium-rate opportunities and understand the extent of opportunities—pressure points, market neutral, and hot opportunities.


4 of the 9 Trends Shaping Litigation in 2020


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Number of Litigation Matters
Increases by 11.5%
from 2018 to 2019


5 of the 6 Major Segments of Litigation Are Set to See Increases in 2020

Commercial Litigation is showing the biggest gains driven by disputes in supply chains, distribution agreements, and disputes arising from joint ventures and related business agreements. Employment Litigation is showing the 2nd biggest gains as wage and hour, discrimination, and equal pay suits gain more traction. IP Litigation will shrink slightly but will see more spending per matter.

Look for increased use of alternative fees in Commercial Litigation to help create savings for the new high-rate work.

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