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Legal Innovation: Alive and Well
74% of Corporate Clients are Seeing More Innovation from Law Firms 

Clients’ Top 27 IT and Innovation Needs
A Few of the These Needs Include:

  • Access to Information
  • Tools to Streamline and Eliminate Work Processes
  • Getting More Data without Having to Ask
  • Security
  • Plus 23 more

40 Detailed Examples of Law Firm Innovation from Your Client's Perspective

BTI Innovation Champions
The 52 Law Firms Clients Say Are Best at Innovation

The BTI Market Changers
The Law Firms Clients Name as Leading in Core Innovation Drivers

  • See where 338 law firms rank—by name and in detail
  • BTI Legal Movers & Shakers—23% of firms are disrupting the legal industry by making strategic and tactical moves others don’t
  • BTI Innovation Builders—28% of firms are bringing change to the legal market through new technology, services, strategies, or structures
  • BTI Client Experience Innovators—44% of firms are making strategic changes in client service to deliver a world-class client experience
  • Law Firm Technology Leaders—the 61 firms embracing and using technology in new and different ways to better help meet clients’ needs

The Impact of AI
Helpful, Harmful, or Hype?

Alternative Legal Services Providers
The Legal Market Disruptors Stealing Share from Law Firms
Leading Providers
What Clients Really Think of Their Alternative Providers

What’s Next? 
The Next Evolution of the Legal Market

Research Methodology and Demographics

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