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BTI’s first-ever, in-depth report on legal innovation highlights what clients really think about innovation in the legal industry—and what they’re saying may surprise you:

BTI’s Legal Innovation and Technology Outlook dissects into these trends and more—and highlights:

  • The 27 unique client needs and priorities. This is your roadmap to target clients’ top priorities and be better positioned to meet new needs before anyone else.

  • 40 law firm actions and tactics clients see as the most innovative—in full detail

Inside BTI Legal Innovation and Technology Outlook, You'll Discover...

Clients Rank Law Firms, by Name
The 52 BTI Innovation Champions—The Absolute Best Innovators

  • Which 23% of firms are changing the way legal services are delivered—the true movers & shakers

  • Which 28% firms are using technology as a competitive advantage to better meet clients’ needs

  • Which 44% of law firms are raising the bar and bringing innovation straight to the client experience

  • See where 338 law firms rank—by name and in detail

Top Trends in Legal Innovation
Despite what critics say, legal innovation is alive and well. The top trends in legal innovation include: