Research Methodology

Independent, unbiased research, based solely on client feedback.

BTI taps into vast research and experience to conduct our annual study of the Litigation market. BTI combines a powerful, comprehensive analysis of client spending, goals, priorities and needs with unbiased, direct feedback from clients on more than 325 individual law firms.

BTI Innovation Review and Outlook 2018 is based solely on in-depth telephone interviews with leading legal decision makers. This comprehensive analysis trends data from more than 359 interviews with strategically selected top legal decision makers in the US at companies with $1 Billion or more in revenue.

BTI’s innovation rating system relies on 4 variables to leave no room for subjective opinion or judgment. Clients were asked to identify the law firms—in an unaided and unprompted manner—they see as:

  • Making moves other don’t
  • Adopting processes or technology others don’t use
  • Focusing on the client experience at levels far surpassing everyone else
  • Using technology to improve efficiency and meet specific client needs

Each year, BTI reaches out to a strategically designed group of top legal decision makers at large organizations with $1 billion or more in revenue. We target the decision makers in the industries who spend the most on legal affairs as well as thought leaders and innovative Chief Legal Officers. Our survey also includes Chief Legal Operating Officers and business executives who hire and influence the selection and hiring of law firms.

Participants are granted confidentiality at the individual and organizational level.

    BTI Litigation Outlook 2018 Methodology.png

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