See Significant Increases in Your Profit Growth and Relationship Sizes
Formalizing Your Firm's Marketing and Business Development Strategy 

The 10 activities in the BTI Guide to Maximum Marketing & Business Development 2017 have the most consistent—and lasting—positive effect on a firm’s profit growth and size of client relationships. Knowing the 10 marketing and business development (MBD) activities of firms achieving the highest growth with their top clients isn’t enough: you need to know how you stack up.

Understanding how firms are successfully maintaining their MBD initiatives can help drive action at your firm. Use this in-depth analysis of what competitors are doing to build business to:

  • Differentiate in the client-facing marketing and business development activities other firms haven’t invested in yet
  • Direct financial investments to the activities tied to faster growth
  • Learn where competitors are focusing their energy…and beat them to the punch
  • Identify—and eliminate—your marketing and business development strategy weaknesses

Make the best decisions for your firm with data and insight straight from the market leaders.

How You Can Use the BTI Guide to Strive for Market Leadership
BTI's Maximum Marketing & Business Development Mix – Sample Page

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Use the 10 Strategies Driving Pacesetting Performance to:

  • Develop the Essential Components of a Marketing and Business Development Strategy
  • Calculate Optimal Marketing and Biz Dev Budget Per Attorney
  • Pursue the Right Clients
  • Track 3 Essential Client Retention Metrics
  • Improve Your Firm's Strategic Performance


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