How Managing Partners Use BTI Practice Outlook 2019
The Facts You Need to Drive Your Firmwide Initiatives and Client Outreach

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The direction of your firm is dependent on your deep understanding of—and responsiveness to—your clients’ needs. Client needs are followed directly by client spending. Be ahead of the curve, and your competitors, with the market-specific details you need right now from BTI’s Practice Outlook 2019. 

BTI pinpoints the best opportunities for more dollars and higher billing rates. Your clients have shared their plans for 2019—now is your opportunity to learn exactly where to:

  • Get your share of growing practices by targeting areas commanding premiums

  • Capture higher rates

  • Target business development efforts towards the real opportunities

  • Spot industries increasing in up to 7 practices

  • Invest marketing dollars with precision by practice and industry

Make the best decisions for your firm with data and insight straight from your clients—and your potential clients—on how they plan to divvy up their outside counsel budgets in 2019.

How You Can Use BTI Practice Outlook to Fuel Growth at Your Firm
BTI Practice Roadmap 2019 – Sample Page

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Use the BTI Practice Outlook 2019 to:

  • Set the most effective strategic plan for the highest growth based on client needs

  • Recognize the frustrations motivating client hiring and spending decisions

  • Learn which RFPs to expect so you can align your resources to the opportunities with the most payoff

  • Understand what clients are trying to achieve next—and how to help them do it

  • Determine which practices and industries have a demand for your firm's services

  • Develop business across 18 individual practices and
    18 industries

Turn Practice Trends into Firm-Wide Opportunities:
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BTI Practice Outlook 2019: Changes, Trends and Opportunities for Law Firms Now