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During BTI’s Market Outlook and Client Service Review 2019 webinar, we discuss the best new opportunities for 2019, how new client service leaders make it to the top, and how to get ahead in the market.

We delve into powerful findings from more than 350 brand-new, in-depth interviews with General Counsel—and 18 years of research and experience—to offer a new perspective on what’s in store for 2019.

View the webinar below for your chance to learn: 

  • The growth outlook for 18 practices—and the practices growing at more than twice the overall market

  • The brand-new BTI Client Service 30—and why these firms top the list

  • The law firms clients single out as most innovative—by name

  • Clients’ new needs and goals

  • What it takes to gain new clients and grow the major clients you have

  • And much more…


Michael B. Rynowecer

BTI Consulting President and Founder

BTI Consulting Group_Jennifer Petrone Dezso.png

Jennifer Petrone Dezso

BTI Consulting Principal


For more insights, you can also order BTI’s 2 most recent reports—BTI Client Service A-Team 2019: Survey of Law Firm Client Service Performance and BTI Practice Outlook 2019: Changes, Trends and Opportunities for Law Firms.

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