World-Class Client Feedback 2014 Webinar

BTI demystifies the secrets of using client service feedback to your advantage and delivers a commanding look at how best-in-class firms perform 2.7 times better than other firms in revenue generation, client retention and year-over-year growth.

This high-powered webinar details exactly what best-performing firms do to get it right in the eyes of clients. You’ll discover:

  • The critical difference between active and passive satisfaction
  • 2 metrics that really correlate with financial performance
  • 8 practices that plague client feedback initiatives
  • 9 success factors driving best-in-class programs
  • The Holy Grail: How to motivate partners to change
  • And much more...

Don't miss your chance to capitalize on one of the few, proven tools to grow business in a stagnant market. Learn how firms putting client feedback to work are raising their client service, gaining market share and leaving everyone else behind.