How Superior Client Relationships Fuel Growth and Profits

"Deftly written and well-presented; principals of any service firm will appreciate this treasure trove of useful intelligence for business improvement." Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

17,000 in-depth interviews with C-level executives revealed 17 specific and unique activities driving superior client relationships. Of these 17 driving factors:

Clients see 4 activities as scarce, delivering the absolute most value and driving hiring decisions on a continuing basis.

You can draw on these primary activities to reap substantially more business from existing clients, in good times or bad. These 4 decisive activities are:
    1.  Commitment to Help
    2. Client Focus
    3. Understanding the Client’s Business
    4. Providing Value for the Dollar

Clients see another 6 of these activities as the “price of admission.”

These 6 activities are the minimum requirements clients set for entering into a relationship. Clients are convinced these activities are widely available from a wide group of competitors. While important, these activities fail to engender enthusiasm or generate more work. Yet this is where most people, companies, and firms focus their client-facing resources.

This book teaches you how to use these 17 activities to drive business through superior client service. Your superior relationships will deliver a steady stream of the best work—and yes, superior growth will flow. 

“Read the first 20 pages of Clientelligence and you’ll understand why you need to buy this book
for each and every one of your firm’s partners.”
– CMO, Leading National Law Firm

"Clientelligence is very good and I would recommend anyone trying to develop their own clients spend some time reading it. I have read it twice and have extensive notes and refer it to regularly. I believe it worthwhile to make it required reading within every firm and to spend some time discussing the concepts in department meetings. It is a very easy read, stating both the obvious and not so obvious, while reminding us what we are not doing consistently." – IP Department Head, Am Law 200 Firm  

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