72% of clients want to give you their feedback but only 30% of firms ask in a meaningful way.

We help you reveal the powerful and defining client insights you simply can’t get anywhere else.


Learn why your best clients keep giving you business. Learn why your biggest clients don’t give you nearly as much business as they want to—but could. Learn why some clients just don’t get bigger and why other clients quietly fade away.


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We’ve conducted more than 17,000 client interviews over the past 30 years. We bring immediate insight into your performance, your strengths, your vulnerabilities, and how you stand up against the competition.

We draw on this knowledge to bring you more pointed, relevant, granular, and actionable insight than anyone else.

You can use this to immediately improve client service, develop business, become a more client-centric firm, and leave the competition in the dust.


One thing we’ve learned in our 30 years: it’s easy to ask the wrong questions. Even easier to get the wrong answers. We know which questions really work, the clichéd questions to avoid, and how to go off script when clients take you places you really need to go. This results in an interesting, engaging interview for your client This makes the interview as interesting and engaging for your client as it is compelling for you.

You get bold, actionable, and high-impact insights, plus a world-class branding experience for your clients with our compelling interviews. Our programs allow you to draw on the most robust insights into your client’s thinking and immediately leverage this strategic tool and give your firm a clear path to help drive growth and boost performance.


The best performing law firms in the world can’t get enough client feedback.

They use third parties, leadership and relationship partners, and online surveys. They obtain it, study it, analyze it, and put it to work—to not only improve client service, but also to build substantial amounts of new business. If you ask them, client feedback is essential to current and future performance.


There are right and wrong questions built into many client feedback programs. Client feedback is counter-intuitive, non-deductive, emotional, and is asking for highly subjective judgments. You can package this up to play like a broken record or play like a symphony. We know how to be the maestro.

Our mindset and methodologies are the result of being at the forefront of conducting and analyzing client feedback with more than 17, 000 exclusive one-on-one interviews with corporate counsel and C-level executives over the span of 30 years. From this extensive experience, BTI has developed a research-backed approach of 17 specific and unique activities driving superior client relationships.



To learn how BTI can help you and your firm strategically and dramatically boost your performance with a customized client feedback program, or to discuss any aspect of client feedback, please complete the form below, email Michael Rynowecer, or call: 1 617 439 0333.

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