Objective, Systematic Client Feedback

Stop guessing: Learn exactly how you perform and what your clients need

There’s no better way to understand what your client is thinking than asking them directly. When performed systematically by an objective 3rd-party and on a large-scale basis, client feedback is unbeatable in:

  • Pinpointing firmwide strengths
  • Institutional weaknesses
  • Growth opportunities

Exceed clients’ ever-rising expectations, better serve your clients, and outpace competitors vying for the same work as you.

BTI develops and designs client feedback programs for law firms, accounting firms, and professional services firms of all sizes. Contact us today to learn more about how BTI can help your firm embrace client feedback as a way of life and deliver superior client service.

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Position your firm to capture more
business with top clients by speaking
directly with those most affected by
your client service: your current and
future clients. 

Implementing a world-class client
feedback program:

  • Gains new business with existing clients
  • Crafts a broader picture of your clients’
    needs and expectations
  • Uncovers how your firm stacks up against other law firms serving your clients
  •  Exposes growth opportunities
  • Assesses your client service performance
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Client Feedback Case Studies

Charts, videos, and checklists for you to
use with your client feedback initiatives.

Complimentary Download: Preparing Your Firm for a Client Feedback Program
(click here)

Chart: The financial benefits of conducting client feedback:

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