Our 10th BTI Litigation Outlook uncovers how client behavior—and spending—is changing in 2020. This comprehensive deep dive immediately helps you identify the most current and vexing client needs—and helps you meet these needs before competitors realize there’s new work for the taking.

This is one of the best opportunities to develop new clients to come along in 10 years:

• Litigation is on a 3-year upward march
• Clients are facing more risk and more financial exposure
• Clients are searching for law firms who understand both

What’s Inside

• 9 Trends Shaping Litigation in 2020
• Comprehensive Industry Assessment for 2020
• How Clients Use Law Firms for Litigation
• Litigation Powerhouses: Law Firms Leading the Litigation Market
• The BTI Fearsome Foursome
• Methodology

Learn unmatched insights, key details and strategic market-defining tools, PLUS—BTI’s Fearsome Foursome and BTI’s Litigation Powerhouses—in the newly released BTI Litigation Outlook 2020.