Guide Your Partners to the Premium Rate Opportunities by Practice & Industry

Our comprehensive report goes beyond the numbers to explain why the state of the market is changing and zeroes in on where clients are focusing their efforts and legal dollars. A strategic planning tool used by more than 500 practice leaders, make the best decisions in targeting your clients’ legal dollars and develop premium work with the most effective strategies.

• Cybersecurity is the fastest growing segment in law at 8.6%
• Pharma and High Tech expect the biggest increases in 6 major practices
• The largest practices with the least sensitive rates are growing faster than other practices
• 7 industries expect large increases in premium litigation spending
• Clients are expecting premium rates in 11 of 18 practices


Drive growth with BTI’s Practice Spotlights

Clients want law firms who can show they understand the nature of complexity and risk. Their matters are at record levels for complexity. Their spending on outside counsel is growing faster than their overall budget. Top legal decision makers are quickly paying premiums for high-risk work and cutting rates on lower-risk work.

Learn exactly how to:

• Capture premium rates and increases in spending
• Determine new business development opportunities
• Understand where clients are focusing their efforts

Your annual guide to targeting your clients’ legal dollars—guide your business plans with precision and insight straight from your clients and your potential clients on how they plan to divvy up their outside counsel budgets in 2020 with BTI’s Practice Outlook 2020.