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319 Law Firms Named by Corporate Counsel
Three Types of Honors
17 Activities Driving Superior Client Relationships

Relationship Bliss: The Most Strategic—And Financially Rewarding—Activities

Commitment to Help: Matching the Client’s Emotional Investment in a Matter
Client Focus: Being Responsive to Clients’ Needs and Goals
Understands the Client’s Business: Better Understanding Leads to More Relevant Advice
Provides Value for the Dollar: Delivering More than What the Client Expects

Price of Admission: Getting in the Door

Legal Skills: Important, but Abundant in the Market
Quality Products: Expected, Not Respected, by Clients
Meets Core Scope: Manage Scope to Manage the Relationship
Keeps Clients Informed: Clients Think No News Is Bad News
Deals with Unexpected Changes: Adaptation Supersedes Preparation
Handles Problems: Problems Are Always Your Problem

Relationship Builders: Niceties… Not Necessities

Breadth of Services: Jack of All Trades, Master of All
Helps Advise on Business Issues: Be a Mentor—Not a Vendor
Regional Reputation: Driving Regional Advantages for Your Client
Unprompted Communication: If the Client Asks, You Are Too Late
Brings Together National Resources: It’s Not the Size, but How You Use It

Business Magnets: Make Decision Makers Take Notice

Anticipates the Client’s Needs: Operating in Scan Mode
Innovative Approach: Don’t Change Everything, but Change Something

Which Law Firm Has the Most Killer Instinct

The BTI Client Service 30

2018 Law Firm Performance Across the 17 Activities Driving Superior Client Relationships

Client Service Performance of the Am Law 200 for 2018

Your Client Service Checklist

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