Uncovering a Hidden Issue Saves a Top 5
Revenue-Generating Client Relationship

An Am Law 100 firm was able to quickly repair a deteriorating relationship with a top client
and stop $3 million worth of work from being shifted to a competitor.



BTI interviewed multiple clients at a single organization as part of a large-scale client feedback initiative for an Am Law 100 firm. While most of the clients at this large organization were happy with the service and relationship they had with the law firm, the senior-most counsel had a number of harsh words regarding the firm’s lack of willingness to discuss alternative fee arrangements and their overly minimalistic communication style. 

BTI’s Solution:

Within 1 hour of completing the last interview with this client company, BTI assembled a strategy SWAT team to meet with the law firm to address the client’s problems; both from an individual and organizational perspective. We provided an immediate, short-term action plan for the relationship partner and key leadership partners and mapped out a long-term approach to address this client’s specific concerns to eliminate issues moving forward.

Impact on the Law Firm’s Business:

  • The law firm to put in place a more coordinated client team to eliminate perceptions of department silos and improve multi-matter communications.
  • The client ultimately did not shift any of their matters away from this law firm—avoiding a potential loss of nearly $3 million in annual billings.
  • Based on the client’s feedback, the law firm proactively assembled an alternative fee arrangement which ultimately won the law firm more work—in volume and dollars—than previously.

What the Law Firm’s Client Told BTI:

We recognize that they are a good firm, but in order for us to continue working with them, they will need to make some adjustments quickly.
— Senior Counsel, Global 100 Tech Giant

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