Is Your Brand Helping—Or Hurting—
Your Firm

70% of firm's self-perception conflicts with the market. Leverage your firm’s specific MARKET-BASED STRENGTHS and develop strategies to cultivate superior brand awareness. 

Get all the gory details—direct from clients—on your firm’s brand, with recommendations for increasing your market share and revenue, including: 

      • Market perception—both positive and negative
      • Points of differentiation as defined by the market
      • Comparison to aspirational and competitive peers
      • Gaps between your thinking and client understanding

Better understand:

Exactly how your clients view your brand—and your competitors’ brands... Why clients select your firm—so they will hire you again... How to improve brand perceptions in the market to earn new business... How the market views your firm differently than you do—for better or for worse...

BTI works directly with you to design a brand research program to yield the exact insights you are seeking.