The 17 Activities for Delivering Superior Client Service

More than 14,000 in-depth interviews with C-level executives revealed 17 specific and unique activities driving superior client relationships.

The most successful law firms today are those delivering the absolute best client service on a consistent basis by excelling in these 17 activities:

17 Activities 2018.png
  • Achieve Relationship Bliss with the 4 activities correlated to higher growth and higher profitability; LEARN EXACTLY HOW to differentiate your firm around:
    • Commitment to Help
    • Client Focus
    • Understanding the Client’s Business
    • Providing Value for the Dollar

Clients see these 4 activities as scarce, delivering the absolute most value and driving hiring decisions on a continuing basis.

  • The 6 Price of Admission activities are the minimum requirements clients set for entering into a relationship: Clients are convinced these activities are widely available from a wide group of competitors. While important, these activities fail to engender enthusiasm or generate more work. Yet this is where most people, companies, and firms focus their client-facing resources.
  • 5 activities are Relationship Builders: proven to highly differentiate law firms from one another—driving longer-lasting client relationships
  • 2 activities stand out as Business Magnets attracting organizations with the highest levels of legal spending