What do clients really want from their law firm?

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BTI’s 17 Activities Driving Superior Client Service

Developed exclusively from more than 17, 000 one-on-one interviews with C-level executives and top legal decision-makers, BTI’s research-backed and data-driven approach has identified 17 activities as proven drivers of superior client service and relationships. And, exactly what clients tell us they want.

Powerful Insights: BTI’s 17 Activities Driving Superior Client Relationships
BTI’s exclusive one-on-one interviews with corporate counsel and C-level executives reveal 17 specific and unique activities driving superior client relationships.  Of these 17 driving factors:


The Fabulous Four
Clients single out 4 activities as scarce, delivering the absolute most value and driving hiring decisions on a continuing basis. You and your attorneys can draw on these primary activities to reap substantially more business from existing clients, in good times or bad.

Price of Admission
Clients isolate these 6 activities as the minimum requirements for entering a relationship. Clients are convinced these activities are widely available from the group of core law firms with whom they work and know. While important, these activities fail to engender client enthusiasm or generate more work. Yet this is where most firms focus their client satisfaction efforts and resources.

BTI’s 17 activities Driving Superior Client Service

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The firms with consistent best in class performance in the 4 activities enjoy financial and market rewards others don’t, including:



Our world-class custom client feedback programs use this framework and much more to evaluate your current performance and to identify how we can help you dramatically improve your performance quickly.

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