6 Trends Shaping Litigation in 2018

BTI’s 7th annual series on trends in the litigation market uncovers how client behavior—and spending—is changing in 2018. BTI’s Litigation Outlook helps you identify clients’ newest needs and walk you through how to provide solutions before your competitors realize the same opportunities exist.

Winning new work in today’s litigation market requires a deep understanding of how clients’ demands and expectations are changing so you can position your firm in the areas with the most opportunity.

Inside BTI Litigation Outlook 2018 You'll Discover...

Precise Opportunity Forecastswhich industries are Hot Opportunities, Pressure Points, and Market Neutralfor
6 Distinct Types of Litigation:

  • IP Litigation, Securities and Finance, Class Actions, Product Liability, Commercial, and Employment

Clients Rank Litigation Law Firms by Name:

The Top 6 Litigation Trends

After 5 years of spending declines, the litigation market reverses course. Growth for law firms remains tricky as clients resolve matters at the highest levels to date and cut 5 law firms from their litigation rosters. The top 6 litigation trends for 2018 include:


Turn Market Trends into Growth Opportunities for Your Firm:
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