Drive New Growth with Precision—Data & Insights Straight from Your Clients

Growth for law firms is dependent on understanding the nuanced shifts companies are making. Law firms looking to grow are tasked with identifying, creating, and exploiting growth segments. Managing partners find BTI’s Practice Outlook the definitive guide to make the best decisions in targeting clients’ legal dollars with precision.


Your clients and prospects have shared their plans for 2020 with BTI—we’ve synthesized the critical data and strategic insights so you can immediately learn how to:

  • Target business development dollars by determining where clients are focusing their efforts

  • Develop clear strategies to capture premium rates

  • Work more efficiently in practices with higher rate pressure

  • Strategically understand the total potential revenue a practice can deliver to your firm and how major changes have impacted your firm’s ability to be profitable

  • Determine which practices and industries will drive the most growth for your firm

Use BTI’s Practice Roadmap 2020 to Drive New Growth


Join the more than 1000 attorneys using this strategic planning tool:

  • Drive strategic growth by determining and delivering market-driving client needs

  • Determine the practices and industries with high demand for your firm’s services

  • Develop business across 17 individual practices and 18 industries

  • Turn practice trends into firmwide opportunities


Your annual guide to targeting your clients’ legal dollars—guide your business plans with precision and insight straight from your clients and your potential clients on how they plan to divvy up their outside counsel budgets in 2020 with BTI’s Practice Outlook 2020.