For 30 years, we’ve successfully helped our clients strategically drive revenue, boost performance, attract and retain clients, develop more business in new and existing markets, and create enduring relationships with our data-driven customized programs and solutions tailored to meet each client’s specific and unique needs.


Client Feedback Programs

72% of clients want to give you their feedback but only 30% of firms ask in a meaningful way. We help you reveal powerful, defining client insights you simply can’t get anywhere else through innovative, world-class feedback.


Business Development Training

82% of professionals don’t believe they have the skills to develop business in a meaningful way. We help you and your firm catapult your business development skills, culture, and mindset, fast.

Client Service Excellence

Clients rate their law firms at 8.6 out of 10 for client service—not enough to get new business or premium rates. We help you redefine how clients think about you and your firm for the short and long term.


We examine the market from your client’s perspective with a measurable, innovative, and high-impact approach. From in-depth independent research to one-on-one interviews with C-suite executives, top legal decision-makers and market leaders, our expertise and insight will help you understand—as well as benchmark—how clients acquire, manage, and evaluate their professional service providers.


Clients expect 6 of these activities—these are the minimum requirements. Another 4 create relationship bliss—we call these The BTI Fabulous Four. These will change your relationships forever.


Download our gold industry standard—insightful and compelling reporting and research, client service rankings, litigation outlook, market forecasts and more.


Client relationships are like carbon: they can be charcoal, or they can be diamonds. It all depends on how you build them. Learn to make every client relationship a brilliant, enduring, high-value diamond with two-time Amazon best-seller and Kirkus Reviews Best Book.


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