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Litigation Outlook 2017: Turning Market Trends into Growth Opportunities
6 Trends Shaping Litigation in 2017

Opportunity Roadmap: Litigation Forecast 2016
Litigation Forecast, by Specialty:

  • Class Actions and Torts
  • Securities and Finance Litigation
  • IP Litigation
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Employment Litigation
  • Product Liability Litigation

BTI Opportunity Zone: Industry Assessment for 2017
BTI Opportunity Zones 2017: Areas with Highest Growth Potential by Industry and Litigation Type

How Clients Use Law Firms for Litigation: Trends and Law Firm Leaders
Changes to Litigation Rosters

Litigation Powerhouses
Law Firms Leading the Litigation Market

  • Class Actions and Torts
  • IP Litigation
  • Securities and Finance Litigation
  • Complex Commercial Litigation
  • Everyday Commercial Litigation
  • Complex Employment Litigation
  • Everyday Employment Litigation
  • Product Liability Litigation

Most Feared Law Firms
The BTI Fearsome Foursome
BTI Awesome Opponents
BTI Honor Roll of Most Feared Firms

BTI's Recommendations for 2017

About BTI

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Key Services to Help Our Clients
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